Message from the Tooth Fairy

Personalized Letters and Packages from the Tooth Fairy

About Us

We are committed to making your kids fairy-tale dreams and wishes come alive in true sense with personalized letters and packages for your kids.

Imagine the priceless feeling of excitement your kids could experience once they get a gift from The Tooth Fairy!

When they open the mailbox, and find an envelope with their name on it, you will hear squeals of delight.

Having kids on our own, we strongly believe in spreading the love across families with a unique style. The best ways to relate with kids is to come down to their level and create a mutual understanding on what they like.

At, we provide the perfect gifting solution that every kid would love and cherish.

We understand that everybody is different and our custom gifting options ensures a more personalized experience for your child.

All you have to do is place the order, fill out some information such as your child’s name, gender and this information will be placed on a letter along with a tooth fairy coin featuring The Tooth Fairy or SuperTooth. We also offer different Tooth Fairy or SuperTooth packages that your children will love.

Making your child feel on top of the world with a message for the Tooth Fairy is an ecstatic feeling every parent should experience. Try our services and help your kids continue believing.